What Is BMI And How BMI Scale Works

BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It is a calculation to determine the fitness of a person according to his height and weight. It defines that the weight of the body is perfect or not. The perfect quantity of mass is a great requirement to live a healthy life. The imperfect weight is mostly the reason for heart or cardiovascular diseases. The BMI’s categories are:

  1. Underweight (less than 18.5)
  2. Normal weight (18.5 to 24.9)
  3. Overweight (25 to 29.9)
  4. Obese (when BMI is 30 or more)

 When BMI should be calculated?

Obviously, if you are facing some health issues you should calculate your BMI and perform necessary actions for fitness on the recommendation of doctors and fitness experts. You can calculate your BMI using the BMI scale


When BMI should not be calculated?

BMI is not for everyone, sometimes you do not need to calculate it due to certain circumstances. This is because BMI is just a number which is based on calculations no matter the weight is of fats or muscles. In sports, like bodybuilding or wrestling where athletes have to increase their muscles mass, BMI has no role. Weight more than normal weight is not harmful if it is of muscle as compared to fat. Thus, BMI is also not for pregnant women, their body weight continuously gets increase which is necessary for the child and health. This increasing weight is not harmful to women health. The same rules apply to young children. Their muscle mass can be less due to incomplete growth but their height can be more than their age so their health cannot be judged based on readings taken through BMI calculator.

 How BMI calculator works

BMI calculator can be of two kinds. The first kind is on the internet; you can put your height and weight on different websites in numbers and easily can get the result. The second kind is in the form of a physical machine. This machine is a combination of height and weight measuring devices. The person stands on the column-shaped machine and the BMI results are obtained on the digital device attached with the machine. In this machine, the sensors are used to get the measurements. Both of these calculators work on the same formula: Go here for more information about stethoscope for sale. 

BMI = kg/m2

In this formula, the weight of the body (in kilograms) is divided with the square of height (in meter). The calculator’s digital systems designed at the back-ends use this formula by putting the measured values and get the desired results. These calculators then display the prepared results on the screen.