What Are The Types Of The Rabies Vaccines?

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In the past, when anyone got the rabies, the ultimate results were the death and therefore, there was no cure neither the vaccination for the rabies viruses but then the French scientists in 1885 came up with the solution and developed a vaccine for this. This vaccine was given to a young boy who was nine years of age and had been bitten by the dog having the rabies viruses and this vaccination was then given to him. There were total of 12 dosages given to the boy by these scientists over the period of the 10 days because the boy was bitten 14 times and there was nearly any chance for his survival if it was not for the vaccination. In three weeks, the boy recovered from the rabies and the scientist found out that the vaccines work. 

What are the types of the vaccines? 

From 1885 to today, many other kinds of the rabies vaccination have been introduced in an attempt to improve it and to reduce the side effects. In the age of the 1967, the H.D.V.C vaccination was developed but this was inactivated and then the more affordable vaccines such as the CCEEV were introduced and these are still in use around the world because it has been tested to be most effective by the world health and is recommended to use.  If you are interested about surgical furniture suppliers you can visit https://www.teammed.com.au/shop/furniture_&_fittings/.

Use of the rabies vaccination in the veterinary: 

Many people have the misconception that the rabies is caused by the bite of the any kind of the dog but this is not true. Rabies are only caused by the bites of the rabid dogs who already have been infected to have the rabies. Therefore, if you prevent the dogs from having the virus then you actual prevent the humans from the spread of this disease as you are eliminating the source. Due to this reason, the rabies vaccination is not only developed for the use of the humans but are also developed for the vets and other animals who are more likely to get this virus. The dogs are one of the common kinds of the animals suffering from this virus in most of the countries therefore, the vets inject the rabies vaccines in the dogs to prevent the virus. Usually these vaccinations prevent the dogs for three years and every three years the dosage is repeated. This practice has been followed in different parts of the world and has been very effective and actually eliminated the rabies from the area or if not completely removed it then certainly reduced the number of the cases.